Nature Adventures Live


About the presentation

 The Nature Adventures team is sweeping the region, talking to students, groups, teachers and parents. The hosts of the series, Terri Lawrenz and Todd Magnuson, will bring nature to you in this fun and interactive presentation. Attendees will get a chance to get up-close and personal with various reptiles! You will laugh, you will cringe, you will learn, but most of all you will love it!

 This program is suitable for all ages. Our visits range from 30 minutes to one hour in length, and can be scheduled 7 days a week, including evenings to accommodate your needs!  Nature Adventures Live has been presented at  State Fairs, Outdoor Expos, preschools, Educational and Environmental Centers, Relay For Life events, elementary through high schools, home school groups, Family Fun Nights, Science Nights, church groups, senior centers, and more! No group too big or small!


"The Nature Adventures Live program was absolutely great. Not only did it allow people to come face to face, and have a hands on experience with a wide variety of South Dakota critters, they also shared everything you ever wanted to know about them as well. We are already looking forward to the upcoming program this summer!"

Derek Klawitter, The Outdoor Campus Community and Group Program Coordinator

"The Nature Adventures Live presentation had our student's attention for the entire 45 minutes they performed. A sign of a good presentation is when you can have the attention of 325 students for that length of time and then have them talking about it afterwards. Their show had lots of interesting information and it was very entertaining."

Dan Dalchow, Principal, Groton Area Elementary

"The presentation was educational, yet light, humorous, and exciting! Todd and Terri present in such a way that although learning is taking place, the kids probably forgot they were at school. We'd have them back for sure!"

Dan Leikvold, Lead-Deadwood School

"FANTASTIC! The Nature Adventures presentation was a fantastic addition to our annual Miller Farm and Home Show. The program provided area youth with and educational, fun and exciting (live reptiles) opportunity! Thank you!"

Miller Farm Show Organizers


What do you do in the presentation?

We talk about Midwest reptiles and bring several in, nothing dangerous of course, unless you want us to bring a rattlesnake then we sure can! We educate about reptiles and dispel all the terrible myths about them. Terri also talks about how she got over her fear of reptiles, and Todd talks about how two farm kids with no formal training got their own TV series. They both inspire the students/attendees that to dream it is to do it, and not to give up.

How effective is the teaching during live shows?

Our effect and ability to teach during these shows was best summed up by the Director of Education at SDPB. Sherri Rogers-Conti said that she can go into a school and teach kids to, say brush their teeth, and they may or may not listen, but when people who are on TV come in and do the same thing every kid listens. And if you haven’t seen the show, you can find it online, as PBS video is used as a tool for teaching in all schools, and is available for all to see.

Is there a way to incorporate the program into classroom learning?

Yes there is!  Along with the TV series, the Nature Adventures team have developed  educational modules to go along with the episodes to give students a  greater learning experience. These modules are available for free  download. The Nature Adventures Science Curriculum meets the guidelines  set forth by the Department of Education. Nature Adventures Online  Learning is designed to be used for Grades 3-5, however, it is  beneficial and suitable for all age groups. To further enhance learning  in the classroom, we suggest checking out our Nature Adventures Science  Curriculum Modules by clicking here.

What will it cost for you to come to our school?

There is no cost to the school, we try and find local sponsors to cover the expense. We try to raise between $500-$750, since housing animals and gas are so expensive. If we can’t raise it, we will still try to find a way to come. The sponsors benefit as well because, to date, with every school show we have done the local paper (and sometimes radio) interviews us, and we give the sponsors their just dues.

What ages are this program best suited for?

Nature is such a broad topic, it's truly great for all ages. We have done the same show in pre-schools that we did in retirement homes, and both age groups loved it!

How do I get more information about your live shows and schedule a booking?

It's simple, just click the "contact us" button below!

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