The Two Bit Game Show

 Since the Two Bit  Game Show is a game, let's play! Here is the question: What term best describes  this show? A) Goofy B) Eccentric C) Hectic D) All Fun E) British Political  Debate. If you said all but E, then you win! Traveling to some of the more  “unique” events and places throughout the country the Two Bit Game Show offers  contestants the chance to win, what else, two bits ($0.25) by testing their  knowledge of common trivia. The Two Bit Game Show is much more than just a game  show, it's more of a man on the street, retro, comedy, reality, parody show,  with a game show mixed in. Host Todd Magnuson and his band of misfits find the  most unlikely contestants in the most unlikely places to produce one of the most unique  shows out there. No big prizes, no screening, all real. The Two Bit Game Show is  100% pure fun. 

 The Two Bit Game Show is an E/I-rated television program, which makes it great fun for the whole family! 

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